* * * REDEMPTION When I was four years old I knew my phone number. Still remember it to this day. But I don’t remember much of my dad. I don’t remember him saying goodbye, but I wish I could. At least then I’d know for sure he did. I remember fear, falling into a… Read more

Interpretation & Love

When my giggling four-year-old runs over to me with a scribbled blob of paint on construction paper, yelling “look look!” and I instinctively ask him “what is it,” his grin fades and he stops giggling and he has to think about what to say. An unwelcome interruption by reason. He isn’t excited about what it is. He’s… Read more

Changing Seasons

Christmas morning always smelled of pine trees and new clothes, and it’s strange how April in the southern hemisphere reminds me of those days. The weather turned from summer to autumn on Monday morning, and with it comes a shift in wardrobe and attitude. I opened the front door and it didn’t stick in the… Read more

The Fedora

The day has finally come. Noodle realises it’s annoying and funny to repeat everything you say. “Everything you say,” he says. Yeah. Everything. Now please stop while I write this. I suppose it’s my fault, at least to some extent. I love to annoy him by pretending to mishear things. “Daddy can I have a… Read more